Repeat Prescriptions

All patients will be given a computer printout of all their repeat medication.  Please use this to re-order your medication by ticking the items you require and taking it to the surgery between 8.30am and 5.00pm or post it to the surgery in good time.  Repeats can also be ordered via our website – please see the receptionist to register for this service.

Due to the increase in numbers of prescriptions received daily, and our current staff shortage, Repeat Prescriptions will take 5 working days to be processed, they can be collected at the surgery between 8.30am and 6.00pm – Monday to Friday.

Please note collection timetable below

Day put in                            Collection day

Monday                                 Monday of the Following Week

Tuesday                                 Tuesday of the Following Week

Wednesday                           Wednesday of the Following Week

Thursday                               Thursday of the Following Week

Friday                                    Friday of the Following Week

         Patients on repeat medication are requested to see the doctor regularly for a medication review.

Urgent Prescriptions

Please try to order repeat prescriptions in good time as requests for medication to be issued on the same day puts a strain on our Dispensers and Doctors. We would encourage all our patients to order their medication before their supply runs out.

We do understand that it is sometimes necessary to request medication urgently and at short notice;  if this is the case we would need you to discuss this with the dispensary team and explain why it is needed urgently.

We will not be able to issue the requested medication immediately as this request along with the reason for it will need to be passed to the duty doctor.  The duty doctor may decide that the medication requested is not of an urgent nature, in which case your prescription will be ready for collection in three working days.

If the duty doctor decides that this is an urgent request he may issue the medication the same day, it will not however be ready for collection until after 4pm.

Requests for Controlled Drugs

Patients are reminded that they need to inform the dispensary on which day they will be collecting their Controlled Drugs.  Due to stricter guidelines and protocols when  Controlled drugs will not be ready for collection until after  10.30am on the day of collection.